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Are your copper water bottles made of pure copper?

All of our copper water bottles are made of 100% pure high-grade food-safe copper. We don’t use any other metals, alloys or lining. All of our copper water bottles are of exceptional quality and will last a lifetime.

We are sorry to say that many other sellers (mostly those who manufacture their copper bottles in India, and including several sellers based in North America) falsely claim to sell pure copper water bottles that are actually plain metal bottles plated with copper. The copper plating will start to rub off these bottles after only a few months of use. Many of our customers came to us and bought one of our pure copper water bottles after having a bad experience with one of these sellers. While these sellers are able to offer their bottles for sale at a lower price than our bottles, beware – they are not the real thing!

In addition, many other sellers who manufacture their copper bottles in India are selling copper bottles that are coated on the interior with a lacquer that is toxic and should definitely not be in your drinking water! Our copper bottles are pure and contain absolutely no toxic materials of any kind.

We are also sorry to say that many other manufactures do not construct their copper water bottles to the same level of quality that we do. As a result, some customers have reported that copper shards have peeled off the inner surface of copper bottles that they bought from other sellers, with those shards ending up in their drinking water! Please make sure to do you research and invest in a quality copper bottle.

Why should I buy one of your copper water bottles?

Apart from the fact that our copper water bottles are the highest quality available on the market, we are very proud of the fact that Copper H2O is a social enterprise.

What does that mean? Well, in short, it means that our goal isn't to make our bank account as flush as possible, but, rather, to do our part to make the world a better place. We achieve that goal by donating 15% of our profit to several non-profit organizations that work to supply clean drinking water in developing countries.

As a result, your purchase of one of our copper bottles will help create significant positive impact for some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. Enjoy the good karma! 

Are your copper water bottles handmade?

Yes, all of our copper water bottles are handmade by skilled artisans using traditional methods. As a result, every bottle will be unique and may have some imperfections which add to the character of the piece.

Why are your copper water bottles hammered?

All of our copper water bottles are hammered by hand using traditional methods for two important reasons: to create a gorgeous aesthetic, and to increase the surface area of copper on the inside of the copper water bottle which makes contact with the water stored in it. The greater the physical contact between the water and the copper, the greater the health benefits for you.

What are the benefits of copper? What does copper do for the body?

Great question! Please check out our detailed list of the top ten reasons why drinking from a copper water bottle can change your life!

Will my copper water bottle create alkaline water?

Yes! Storing water in your copper water bottle is a great way to make naturally alkaline water. Drinking alkaline water helps balance the body's pH levels.

Water stored in your copper water bottle will become increasingly alkaline, and the speed and degree of that process depends on the pH of the water to begin with. You can use any kind of water in your copper water bottle - tap water, filtered water, or even bottled water, although you will probably notice the greatest difference with tap water (which is generally in need of the most care).

While it's ideal to store water in your copper bottle for 6-8 hours for the most beneficial effect, shorter periods are fine as well. For best results and a healthy start to your morning, try storing water in your copper water bottle overnight.

Can I get too much copper if I drink from my copper water bottle all the time?

Although the concept of storing water in copper vessels arose centuries ago and has its origins in Ayurvedic medicine, it is increasingly gaining attention from the mainstream scientific community. In one recent study, it was determined not only that water stored in a copper vessel can have attractive health benefits, but also that there is no realistic risk of getting too much copper using that method.

In particular, the study notes that the World Health Organization has concluded that it is safe for the body to ingest 2mg of copper per litre of water. Significantly, the research showed that the water stored in the copper vessel for a significant period of time absorbed less than 1/20th of that amount of copper, very far below safe limits.

Can drinking from a copper water bottle cure my copper deficiency?

For those with a copper deficiency, drinking water from a copper water bottle can  definitely help mitigate the deficiency. However, if you are suffering from a copper deficiency you should be sure to also consult your health practitioner to ensure you're making the other positive changes needed to resolve your health issues.

Should I clean my copper water bottle before using it for the first time?

Your copper water bottle will be ready to keep you hydrated as soon as it arrives, but we do recommend washing the inside with warm water and a drop of liquid soap before filling it up with drinking water for the first time.

Is it leak-free?

Each of our copper water bottles is capped with a leak-proof cap. You can throw this bottle into your favourite bag with confidence that it will stay water-tight!

What does water stored in a copper bottle taste like?

It takes great – fresh, clean and pure! Although some people expect the water to taste metallic, it does not. Water stored in a copper bottle will absorb the beneficial health quantities of copper, but it doesn't absorb enough copper to dramatically change the taste of the water. You may detect a slight hint of copper if your tongue touches the bottle as you drink from it.

Can I use lemon or other fruit with my copper bottle?

There are plenty of benefits of drinking lemon water and other infused water and so it's a great idea to combine those benefits with the benefits of water stored in a copper water bottle. To get the greatest health benefits, try to combine water from your copper water bottle with lemon slices or lemon juice in a cup. Copper can react with certain acids, including citric acid found in lemons, so it's best to only use water in your copper water bottle.

What are the dimensions of your copper water bottles?

Our 600 mL copper water bottles are approximately 9 inches in height and 2.5 inches in diameter.

Our 800 mL copper water bottles are approximately 10 inches in height and 2.75 inches in diameter.

Can I use essential oils with my copper water bottle?

While we don't recommend adding essential oils directing into your copper water bottle (as certain very acidic essential oils can react with the copper), you can certainly add essential oils to your copper-charged water in a separate container.

Where do you ship from?

We ship all US orders from our address in Washington State for expedited delivery. We ship all Canadian and international orders from beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

How long does shipping take?

We know how excited our customers are to receive their new copper water bottle, so all orders are packaged and shipped within 1-4 business days. Delivery time varies by destination:

Shipping within the US: 1-3 business days.

Shipping within Canada: 1-7 business days.

Shipping outside the US and Canada: 6-10 business days or 4-12 weeks depending on the shipping rate selected during checkout.

How do I polish and clean my copper bottle?

Easy! Your copper water bottle is made of 100% pure copper, so it will naturally patina over time. Many of our customers like having the exterior of their bottles age gracefully into a beautiful copper patina, but, if you prefer the shine of copper, it is very easy to remove. Simply sprinkle a pinch of salt on a slice of lemon, allow the salt to dissolve, and then gently rub it on the surface of your bottle. The lemon and salt will form a mixture that will naturally remove the patina and restore the copper’s shine. Once done, rinse with water and dry well.

The inside of the copper water bottle will also patina, but this has no effect on the quality of the water stored inside the bottle. We recommend cleaning the inside of your bottle every now and then with warm water and a drop of liquid soap, and then rinsing it well. However, be sure to never wash your copper water bottle in a dishwasher.

Cool product! How did you come up with this?

We’ve always thought that the world doesn’t need another disposable plastic bottle, and that belief took us here! We’ve worked hard to ensure that our copper bottles are of exceptional quality and will last a lifetime.

Our hope is that our customers will fall in love with our copper water bottles and use them instead of disposable plastic water bottles – not only because we love the environment, but because we love to help people stay healthy!

What is your return policy?

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Learn more about our return policy!