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Making natural alkaline water with your copper water bottle

Alkaline water (higher pH water) is very popular among health-minded people. Did you know you can make alkaline water naturally using your copper water bottle?

There are two types of alkaline water. The first type of alkaline water is "artificial" alkaline water, which is generally tap water that has been processed through an electrical ionizer to make the water's pH more alkaline.

The second type of alkaline water is a natural alkaline water, which is usually a spring or mineral water. As water passes through a spring, it rubs against rocks and soil and picks up various minerals, which increases its pH and makes it more alkaline.

Unfortunately, unless you live near a mountain spring, chances are your only easy access to natural alkaline water is by buying it from a store - which means needing to drink out of a plastic bottle! That is harmful for the environment and also bad for your body (given that some plastic bottles can leech chemicals into the water).

When you store water in your copper water bottle, the water absorbs small amounts of copper, which is a mineral that naturally creates alkaline water. It's completely natural, easy, safe, and avoids the use of plastic bottles. For best results, we suggest storing water in your copper water bottle overnight.

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