Copper Zap: Legit or Hoax?

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In this post, we reveal whether the Copper Zap is legit or a hoax that you should avoid. Read on to learn more! 


Because of the fact that anything and everything can be sold online these days, it may be a lot more difficult to tell fact from fiction–especially if the way a product is advertised seems too good to be true. This is especially the case when it comes to products that can promise some sort of medical miracle, like preventing or curing the common cold. In a pandemic-ridden world such as ours, who won’t want to invest in something as revolutionary as Copper Zap seems to be? Not only does it claim to shield its consumers from viruses and bacteria that can cause colds, flu, sinus trouble, cold sores or fever blisters, nighttime stuffiness or congestion, and other respiratory problems, but it also comes in an extremely portable package as well. 

However, there is more to this product than meets the eye, and, upon further investigation and research, it may not be all that it’s cut out to be. Read on and you will see exactly what we mean. 

We will be covering the following topics:

  • What is Copper Zap? 
  • What Does Copper Zap Claim to Do? 
  • The Effect of Copper in Relation to Viruses and Bacteria
  • Copper Zap and COVID-19
  • Is Copper Zap Really Effective in Curing or Preventing the Common Cold? 
  • The Dangers of Using Copper Zap
  • Safe, Healthy Alternatives to Copper Zap 

What is Copper Zap?

According to the television show “Doctors”, the Copper Zap is essentially a small rod made of copper that is supposed to neutralize or “zap” the microbes that cause the cold virus. It is relatively small and fits easily into the palm of one’s hand–with a rod at the top for “zapping” away viruses and bacteria and a thicker base at the bottom that serves as a handle.

Copper Zap is made to be carried around by its user wherever they go to be used as a first defense against any bacteria or viruses that enter the nostrils. Copper Zap retails for around $69.99 US dollars.

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In order to allegedly “zap” away the cold virus before it takes hold, all one has to do, according to Copper Zap, is insert the rod into the nostril and rub very gently around the lower half of the inside cavity of the nostril where viruses and bacteria tend to collect in the mucus. This must be done within 3 hours or less of the sign of any unwanted germs in the nose or within 12 hours or less of being in a crowded place with people who show signs of cold or flu. This is supposed to neutralize germs on contact and prevent any cold or flu viruses from infecting your body. Consumers are cautioned against using the wand roughly, and are encouraged to only insert the tip as far back as possible without pain or discomfort to reach as much of the bacteria and viruses as you can. The length of the rod is supposed to limit how far it can be inserted.

What Does Copper Zap Claim to Do?

Copper Zap operates on the scientific premise that copper instantly kills bacteria and viruses upon contact. And a rod made entirely from copper is meant to do exactly that. Copper Zap claims that because of its all-copper properties, it can actually kill bacteria upon impact because of the natural disintegration that happens when bacteria comes into contact with copper.

Effect of Copper in Relation to Viruses and Bacteria

According to this study from the US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health, copper actually does kill viruses and bacteria. What happens is that the surface of the microbes absorb amounts of copper through contact. The  protective layer of the microbes continue to disintegrate from there and they eventually lose all their strength, which means that the bacteria or virus proceeds to die a very sure death. 

This phenomenon is sort of like seeing the bacteria or viruses become short-circuited with copper. It takes a relatively short period of time for the bacteria or virus to be completely destroyed, and the length of time depends on a multitude of factors, including the type of bacteria or virus.

On, Dr. Michael D.L. Johnson describes the bacteria killing process associated with copper contact as one that makes use of mis-metalation by blocking protein in the bacteria. Without protein–you guessed it–the bacteria begins to self-destruct on its own. 

Copper Zap and COVID-19

Because of the global spread of COVID-19, many people have started to believe that copper can actually kill COVID-19 upon contact. If it works for other kinds of microbes, it should work for something as complicated as the coronavirus too, right?

Copper Zap instrument placed on an open palm hand

Unfortunately, it’s a lot more complicated than that. It will take much more than a common metallic element like copper to take down something as complex as the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Copper Development Association Inc. released a public statement in response to the overwhelming notion that copper can successfully “kill” the COVID-19 virus. Following that line of logic, some might assume the Copper Zap should probably do so as well.

It is true that copper has been shown to successfully kill certain types of bacteria and viruses in the past. However, there are not enough studies to show that it can actually effectively kill COVID-19. The Copper Development Association Inc. stresses the fact that copper is simply an element in the process of eliminating microbes, but it is not the be-all-end-all solution for eliminating a pandemic as complex as that of the coronavirus pandemic. 

While studies have shown that COVID-19 can survive on a copper surface for up to four hours, using any copper tool is not a replacement for washing your hands with soap for twenty seconds or continuously applying 70% isopropyl alcohol to your hands. So far there are no scientific studies showing that the Copper Zap can kill COVID-19, nor does the company claim it can.

A more practical application for copper would be to coat doorknobs in high risk environments with the material because microbes survive on copper surfaces for a shorter span of time. This can be implemented in hospitals, for example, or in schools when students are  mandated by their governments to physically return to school. 

Is Copper Zap Really Effective in Curing or Preventing the Common Cold?

Now that we understand how Copper Zap works in relation to bacteria and viruses, we can understand that it cannot eliminate a virus as powerful as COVID-19. However, the common cold virus is a lot easier for the human body to develop immunity over, and the virus has long been one that could easily be conquered. Does this mean that Copper Zap does what some claim it can do and you can actually be cured of the common cold through the sheer power of contact with copper? 

According to Copper Zap, the answer is no. They say that the Copper Zap tool “probably won’t help if you already have full-blown cold or flu symptoms. It can’t cure any ongoing illness, and it might interfere with the body’s own defenses”. 

However, Copper Zap claims that if their tool is inserted in your nose within 3 hours or  less of the sign of any unwanted germs in the nose or inserted into your nose within 12 hours or less of being in a crowded place with people who show signs of germs, that any viruses or bacteria will be instantly killed and thus prevent a cold or flu from developing.

So, if Copper Zap doesn’t actually “cure” a cold virus that has taken hold when inserted into the nose, why do some Copper Zap reviews say it does? Well, according to the Sun Journal, this could boil down to a good old placebo effect. Yes, simply believing in a cure can prompt a psychological response that triggers your immune system to combat viruses, especially one as simple as the common cold. So, following this line of logic, Copper Zap may not actually be responsible for these people getting cured from their colds, but the belief that Copper Zap can do so made all the difference for them.

Now, what about those that use the Copper Zap as directed? Are they guaranteed that they will never develop a cold or flu? Here is where things get tricky. The Copper Zap must be used within a certain amount of time of any germs entering your nostrils. But what if you don’t realize that you have inhaled bacteria or virus particles? One would have to either insert the Copper Zap into one’s nose constantly throughout the day or have a very fine tuned sense of what germs or bacteria feel like in the nose. Further, bacteria or viruses may be located higher in the nostril than the Copper Zap tool can reach, or contained in crevices in the nose that cannot be reached by the tool. Lastly, in our research we have not come across even one scientific study that has proven the claims made by Copper Zap.

In terms of a cure for the common cold, we’re still at a standstill. There is no discovered cure for the common cold, and it simply takes a healthy immune system to recover from it. This means that you’ll still need to eat healthy, drink lots of water, stay at home, wear a surgical mask if around others, and get lots of rest like every other sick patient. All you have to do is rely on your body’s own capacity to heal you from the virus, and let your immune system work its magic! 

Dangers of Using Copper Zap

Now that we’ve debunked the alleged effectiveness of the Copper Zap, it’s time to talk about the dangers of using the product to potentially prevent or cure any illness, or relying on it too much for your recovery. Please keep in mind the following dangers of using this product.

Using It Incorrectly May Cause You to Get a Nosebleed

Because of the fact that there is a thin, elongated rod at the end of every Copper Zap product, users may mistakenly use this tip too roughly in the nose, which can lead to a nose bleed or even a ruptured blood vessel. One must use the Copper Zap tool very gently and only insert it as far back as possible without experiencing pain or discomfort.

Its Size and Appearance Makes it Dangerous for Small Children

Copper Zap has an attractive, shiny bronze appearance that’s meant to be carried around comfortably by individuals who work in environments that can leave them prone to getting sick. Because of its size, we do caution against letting small children use them, as children are at risk of inserting the device too far up their nose which could cause serious damage.

Relying on Copper Zap Might Lead You to Forgo Other Tried and Tested Methods for Combating Illness

If the claims of Copper Zap were believed, it is not impossible to imagine staunch Copper Zap advocates relying on the product to attempt to cure their various illnesses and neglecting other more effective methods of combating disease. This could lead to one’s illness getting progressively worse because the consumer has decided to rely on Copper Zap fully, instead of relying on the advice of their health professionals and properly resting and allowing their immune system to work in their favor.

We must reiterate that Copper Zap is still a product with no immediate scientific basis for curing illnesses, with the result that it simply cannot be relied upon to provide a cure. 


While there appear to be some questions around the efficacy of the Copper Zap tool and what it can and cannot do, we invite readers to do their own research and conclude whether this device may be a viable tool for them in the prevention of cold and flu viruses.

Safe, Healthy Alternatives to Copper Zap

If you prefer not to use prescription medication to prevent or fight the common cold, sometimes researching different natural alternatives for your common cold is really the best way to go. Here are some safe, low-cost, and low-risk alternatives to Copper Zap that can help strengthen your immune system to help prevent colds or make your cold go away in no time! 

Salt Water

Did you know that salt water can ease nasal congestion considerably upon application? It is a healthy, safe and effective alternative to applying copper directly into the nostrils, as Copper Zap would suggest. Here is a simple list of steps from Web MD on how to decongest your nose with a simple salt water mix:

  1. Prepare 8 ounces of warm water.
  2. Combine ¼ teaspoon of baking soda and ¼ teaspoon of salt into the warm water.
  3. With either a nasal irrigation kit or bulb syringe, keep one nostril closed and squirt the mixture into one open nostril.
  4. Let the fluids drain.
  5. Repeat the process for the other nostril. 

Proper Rest

woman lying on her stomach on a white bed

With everything we have going on in our lives, it is tempting to forego something as crucial as rest for other more “important” activities. This shouldn’t be the case when your body is combating an illness. Having around 6-8 hours of sleep every night should be the norm, not just when you’re recuperating from a cold! Resting properly every day can also help your immune system get stronger on its own, which means you will not need to risk getting sick because of a busy schedule. 


You can eat ginger-infused dishes, drink ginger tea, or take a shot of ginger extract. Either way, all of these tried-and-tested methods have proven to be good for your throat! This is a good natural remedy to prepare not just when you are down with a bad cold, but also when your throat feels more irritated than usual.

Eucalyptus Oil

If you are familiar with products like Vicks VapoRub, you are probably already familiar with the power of eucalyptus oil! It’s a great, pleasant-smelling decongestant that can help clear up your sinuses while your body is recovering. Apply eucalyptus oil at the base of your nose and on your neck so you can easily inhale this natural remedy. 


Hydration, hydration, hydration! You don’t want to be dehydrated while your body needs all hands on deck to recover. Staying hydrated ensures that your digestive system will function normally as you recover from your sickness, plus it helps stave off exhaustion as you experience cold symptoms. If you are looking for a fashionable way to stay hydrated, consider using a copper water bottle.


As you can see, there are a lot of cheap, natural, and easily accessible solutions that can help prevent and alleviate the common cold. Before you pull out your wallet and spend a steep $69.99 US dollars on the Copper Zap, remember that tried and tested solutions like the ones we mentioned above have been helping millions of people prevent and get over illnesses of all kinds for decades! 

Most of the time, the best solutions are also the simplest ones. Stay warm, eat healthy, and rest up! Your cold will be gone in no time. Of course, if you ever find that your condition is worsening, never hesitate to see a medical professional to obtain proper treatment.

About the Authors: This article was collaboratively written by our team of researchers and writers with the benefit of all available scientific studies and other relevant literature. Our team of researchers and writers include experienced health researchers. Please note that information in this article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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