Moscow Mule Copper Mug (Set of 2)


We are in the process of lovingly crafting more Moscow Mule Copper Mugs and they will be finished soon. Pre-sale orders should be ready to ship by approximately July 31, 2024 or sooner.

This listing is for a set of two beautiful Moscow Mule copper mugs.

These copper mugs are made with 100% pure high-grade and food-safe copper and a stainless steel lining. They are handcrafted with care using traditional methods and are painstakingly hammered by hand to create a gorgeous aesthetic. These mugs are of exceptional quality, and their beauty will stand out in your kitchen or bar.

Each mug holds approximately 16 ounces (or 475 ml) and is approximately 3.75 inches in height, 4.75 inches in width, and 3.25 inches in diameter.

The handles of the copper mugs are welded rather than riveted to ensure that your mug will be water-tight and leak free. In order to protect your health, the interior of the mugs are also made with high-grade stainless steel. This is important because copper reacts with acidic fluids, such as cocktail ingredients. As a result, it is essential to avoid contact between copper and your cocktail.

These mugs have numerous uses which make them perfect for the host or party-thrower. The mugs are not only great for Moscow Mules, but also perfect for beer, iced coffee, iced tea, juice, and any vodka, gin, rum, tequila, or whiskey mixed drinks.

As a unique handmade artisan creation, your copper mugs may have slight imperfections and vary slightly from photos shown.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Nothing like a moscow mule in a real copper mug like these. Will be back when I need to add a few more to my set.

Nice set

Perfect for libations during the holidays. Salud!


Got myself a set of these to use with the mates to enjoy the dog days of summer. These are quality pieces and are holding up great.

Nice copper mugs

These are really nice copper mugs for cocktails. Note they have stainless steel inside and are designed for cocktails (though I drink water from mine too) so if you are looking for all copper you should choose another mug. But I wanted true moscow mugs for cocktails and these are perfect! Nice heavy weight and timeless design. Beautiful!