Copper Tongue Cleaner


Support great oral health with an anti-bacterial copper tongue cleaner! Made from 100% pure high-grade food-safe copper, our copper tongue scraper can be used to remove bacteria from the tongue more effectively than a toothbrush. The tongue cleaner can be used before or after brushing your teeth and is simple to use. Begin cleaning at the back of your tongue and work your way forward by scraping the entire top and side surfaces of your tongue. Rinse your mouth and the tongue cleaner after cleaning your tongue and enjoy the benefits!

Use this copper tongue scraper along with your copper bottle to support great health!

For more information and tips on tongue cleaning with a copper tongue cleaner, read our blog post on How to Clean Your Tongue Using a Tongue Scraper

We are also proud to say that we donate 15% of our profit to several non-profit organizations that work to supply clean drinking water in developing countries. As a result, your purchase of one of our products will help create significant positive impact for some of the most vulnerable communities in the world.

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