Copper Pet Bowl


This beautiful and unique pet bowl is made with copper. It has been handcrafted with care and is of exceptional quality.  

Copper water bottles are great choices for people with wellness on the mind, and a copper water bowl can also be a great choice for your pet. Copper naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria in your pet’s water. 

As a result, using a copper pet bowl can help avoid the biofilm that forms in other types of pet bowls. Biofilm, which is a by-product of your pet’s saliva mixing with water, can contain disease causing bacteria. Copper pet bowls can prevent biofilm from forming due to copper’s antimicrobial properties. Instead of scrubbing biofilm the hard way, cleaning your pet bowl can be as simple as running your bowl under hot water with gentle soap and then wiping the bowl completely clean.

Not only does this copper pet bowl have these benefits, it also looks great. This copper pet bowl is beautiful to look at and looks great in any home.

Each bowl has a capacity of 500 ml / 16.9 oz and weighs 152 grams / 5.36 oz. The diameter of the bottom of the bowl is 8.66 inches / 22 cm, the height is 2.56 inches / 6.5 cm, and the diameter of the top of the bowl is 5.91 inches / 15 cm. Each bowl is made of stainless steel and plated with copper.

Please note that we recommend that these copper bowls be used only with water and not with pet food. For more information on using a copper pet bowl, please check read our comprehensive guide on the subject: Copper Pet Bowls: Complete Guide.

As a unique handmade artisan creation, your copper pet bowl may have slight imperfections and vary slightly from photos shown.

Before using a copper pet bowl, you should consider a few safety concerns that may apply to your situation. Although copper is an essential part of the diet of most pets, there are some situations in which ingesting copper or copper-infused water can affect your pet negatively. For example, if your pet has been diagnosed with Copper Storage Disease, your pet should not drink from a copper bowl. There are some specific breeds that are biologically inclined to have issues with copper storage. These breeds include Bedlington Terriers, West Highland White Terriers, Doberman PinschersSkye Terriers and Labrador Retrievers. While it is possible for cats to develop Copper Storage Disease, these cases are considered to be rare.

If you are unsure whether a copper pet bowl is right for your pet, contact your veterinarian for advice. If your pet is not a cat or dog, also consult your veterinarian about whether a copper bowl is safe for your pet.

Please note that the information on this website is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I did not believe this would be as good as advertised. But it really is! Say goodbye to scrubbing your pet bowl!

Nothing short of amazing

No more scrubbing slimy pet water bowls! A must-have for anyone with a pet.

Spot's favourite bowl

Our good boy has made this his favourite bowl. Our favourite too because the clean up is so easy!

I love it!

My name is Echo the chocolate lab, and my mom got me this bowl. I drink from it everyday and I love how my mom doesn’t need to worry about my water not being bacteria free!! Thanks copper H2O!

works great

the best pet bowl I have ever used. My dog loves it and it is so easy to clean!